Excerpt: Guardians of Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #8)

¿Aman los libros YA? ¡Yo también!  

Nosotras estamos felices de compartirles a ustedes un extracto de la octava novela de la serie “A Dark Faerie Tale” de la autora Alexia Purdy.

Más información aquí ➡️  A Dark Faerie Tale Series


Love YA Books? Me too!

We are happy to share with you an excerpt from the eighth novel in the series “A Dark Faerie Tale” by the author Alexia Purdy.

 More information here➡️  A Dark Faerie Tale Series

Guardians of Fire.jpg
Guardians of Fire



“To answer your question, Benton.” Rowan’s sickeningly sweet voice forced me to look up at her. Darn it if she was that powerful. My skin crawled fighting her magic. “Yes, when Shade chooses to replace Kilara, the land will thrive again.”

“Why does it have to be her? Why can’t another replace Kilara?” I flinched, her magic toying with my senses again. I forced my eyes toward Isolde who watched me with concern.

“Because she’s the only one who can do it. Only our heirs can replace us.”

“Well that’s just great.” I dropped to my knees on the sand clutching my head in between my hands. “Can you stop that already!”

The swirling dizziness subsided like an ocean draining. Breathing hard, I took a moment to center myself as Isolde knelt beside me to see if I was okay.

“Stop using your magic on him. It’s not going to work.” She snapped at Rowan, who watched our interaction with interest.

“Nephilim. You’re not welcome in Faerie.”

With that, Isolde disappeared and I looked around wildly. “what did you do? Where is she?”

Rowan smiled, crossing her arms. “I’ve banished the Nephilim from the Land of Faerie. We do not need their help.”

“You can’t do that!” I rushed toward Rowan but the moment Ciaran stepped between us, pushing me back. “Bring her back! How dare you?”

Rowan’s smile faded as she watched me struggle with Ciaran. I could pulverize him if I wanted to and I let this thought leak out my head for her to relish. I smirked as her face darkened and worry set upon her brow. She wanted to mess with me? Not many Unseelie Sluagh survived crossing my path much less her pathetically weak lover boy.

“You want to try me, don’t you Rowan? I don’t recommend it. I’ll win. I always do.” I smirked, backing of Ciaran to glare at her. The more I spoke, the paler she got until I snatched my sword out and lit it on fire. “Bring her back or I’ll incinerate your boyfriend. I’m not opposed to ridding the world of one little fey.”

This made the blood drain from not just Rowan but Ciaran and he froze as I held the blade pointed at his throat. He swallowed, nervous and holding his breath for one wrong move, and he truly was toast. He was a fighter, yes, but I had a lot more experience since we last met incinerating my foe. He was nothing compared to some I’d fought before and I could tell, he knew this.

“Stop! Alright, I’ll bring her back.” She snapped her fingers and Isolde returned to where she’d stood moments before. She peered around shocked and watched as I backed away from Ciaran.

A Dark Faerie Tale Series

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