Hello everyone, more recently Kate Luren public release dates for the film Falle. And obviously we had to to share with you the dates. All updates regarding the release dates will be putting in this post, we will be watching any news.

You can watch the official trailer here ➡️  ➡️  ➡️ MORE INFORMATION

We hope that the film can come soon to your country and give the necessary support …

MalaysiaNovember 10, 2016 from Sahamongkolfilm International

Philippines — November 10th, 2016 from Pioneer Films

SingaporeNovember 10, 2016 from Cathay Keris

DenmarkDecember 1, 2016 from Mis. Label ApS

TaiwanDecember 2, 2016 from Long Shong Group

South AfricaDecember 7, 2016 from Ster Kinekor

BotswanaDecember 9, 2016

BrazilDecember 29, 2016 from H20 Films

Hong KongDecember 29, 2016 from Golden Harvest Entertainment

ItalyJanuary 26, 2017 from M2 Pictures

Indonesia December 09, 2016 from 21Cineplex

Bulgaria –  January 6, 2017

Finland March 24, 2017

Thailand – 23 February 2017

UK10 March 2017

United States of AmericaSeptiembre 8, 2017 from Sony Pictures

Publicado por: Isme



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